Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs Capsule Size Natural Soft Dog Treats, Chicken Flavor, 7.9 oz. Pack (30 Treats)

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  • A healthy, delicious dog treat that masks the taste & smell of medicine
  • Turns pill time into treat time
  • Medication time is now a stress-free experience for your dog
  • The #1 vet-recommended choice for giving dogs pills
  • Includes (1) 7.9 oz package of chicken-flavored Greenies Pill Pockets
  • Available in 4 flavors (chicken, duck, hickory smoked beef, peanut butter) and 5 sizes (2.6 oz. – 15.8 oz.)

See our tips for giving a dog a pill the old-fashioned way.

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Not all dogs are receptive to taking medicine — due to the unique smell and/or taste.

Some dogs are just picky eaters and won’t eat anything that doesn’t come in dog-friendly flavors.

With Greenies Pill Pockets, it’s easy to give your dog medicine because you have a tasty dog treat to hide it in!

These all-natural treats have a great taste that dogs love.

The built-in pouch makes it easy to insert a pill or liquid medication, while masking the taste and smell of the medicine.


How To Use Greenies Pill Pockets

Feed it to your dog as a treat – when it’s medicine time.

  1. FILL: Hold the Pill Pockets treat with your thumb and forefinger; insert medicine.
  2. PINCH: Using the same hand to hold the Pill Pockets treat, squeeze the top half closed. (Some roll the entire Pill Pocket into a ball shape.)
  3. GIVE: The Pill Pockets treat is now sealed, and you can feed it to your dog.

TIP: To prevent transfer of the medicine’s smell and taste, do not touch the Pill Pockets treat with the hand that held the medicine.