Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs, Black, Large


  • Over-the-head hearing protection for dogs
  • Engineered to properly meet the curvature of a dog’s head
  • Adjustable straps provide a good seal against your dog’s ears
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Includes 1 Large black pair of dog ear muffs
  • Also available in 5 sizes from XS to XL
  • Made in the USA

Since our dog attends loud car races, we’ve done some research about dogs and loud noises.

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Dogs can now enjoy full-spectrum noise reduction with Mutt Muffs dog ear muffs.


Dogs And Hearing Loss

Your dog’s keenest sense is smell. Second is hearing. If you think something is loud, then your dog is probably in pain from the loud noise.

After heredity, long exposure to loud noise is the biggest contributor to deafness in dogs.

Fortunately, thanks to dog ear muffs, you can prevent your dog from hearing loud sounds. Thereby reducing the chances of your dog experiencing noise-induced hearing loss.

The inner sound-deadening foam inside Mutt Muffs is the same density found in a pilot’s high-end headsets. The specially designed wide foam-filled ear seals provide maximum comfort for your pet.


How Mutt Muffs Were Designed

The first thing taken into consideration for decibel reduction when designing Mutt Muffs was the acoustic properties of materials used.

The materials were selected on the basis of their usage in human hearing protection devices that gave an average advertised reduction of 20 Db. So that, or better, is the Db reduction number that Mutt Muffs were designed for.

The second consideration was the high frequency noise that is beyond the range of human hearing. Assuming the noise reduction properties of Mutt Muffs is in the 15-25 Db range at human frequencies, we can assume an even better number in the high frequency range — simply because the higher frequency / shorter wave length is easier to diminish than the longer wave length of human hearing range. The reason: the wave has to travel farther, in relation to its length, to pass through a given thickness of material.

Mutt Muffs are designed not to block out all sound, but to be a passive, noise-reducing device in order to make these experiences more comfortable for dogs:

  • riding in airplanes
  • watching fireworks
  • attending car races
  • hunting and shooting events
  • easing tension in stressful situations

Based on the materials used, the estimated decibel reduction is between 21 and 24, assuming proper fit and a good seal against your dog’s head. That’s 21-24 Db reduction in the human hearing range of 20,000 cycles per second. Dogs can hear much higher frequencies (in the range of 43,000 cycles per second). As the frequency goes up, so does the effectiveness of Mutt Muffs — because the higher the frequency, the more easily it is absorbed. Therefore, Mutt Muffs are especially effective at protecting against the high frequency wind whistles and shrieks that humans cannot even hear.

There is another factor that comes into play as well. The dog’s own ear flaps are down and covering the ear canal, providing yet one more layer of protection against loud noises.

Inspired by pilots who know the noise level of the cockpit is unsafe for man or beast, Mutt Muffs offer top-of-the-line hearing protection for your dog.