EzyDog Cujo Shock Absorbing Bungee Dog Leash – Best Dog Rope Training Lead – Reflective Trim for Nighttime Safety – Padded Pull Handle for Superior Comfort and Control (25″, Green Camo)


  • Unique ‘pyramid pull handle’ disperses load and eliminates pinching
  • Short, tight, shock absorbing section of the leash eases “jerking” while maintaining control of your dog
  • Reflective trim for night time safety
  • Includes (1) Green Camo 25-inch dog leash
  • Available in 2 different lengths and 6 colors

Here’s our review of the EzyDog Shock Absorbing Dog Leash.

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The Cujo 25-inch EzyDog shock absorbing dog leash has 6 inches of shock absorbing stretch built in.

The tight, short stretch gives you the most comfort and control over medium to large dogs that pull hard while walking on a leash.

Add a standard extension to make the leash longer and stronger. Or add 2 extensions for dual tangle-free control while walking 2 dogs.


The Original Shock-Absorbing Leash

ezydog-cujo-dog-leash-with-two-dogs With over 2 decades of history, the EzyDog Cujo Leash has become one of the most popular innovations in the modern dog leash. It’s the perfect solution for 1 or 2 dogs. Eliminates tangled leashes, while giving you more control and less strain.


Does Your Dog Pull Hard?

The constant pulling of a dog on a leash can leave both you and the dog with sore joints and muscles. This static pull creates a strain not only on arms and shoulders, but also on the relationship between you and your dog during daily walks.


The Solution

exydog-leash The EzyDog shock absorbing dog leash creates a barrier between the puller and the pullee. Six inches of tight shock-absorbing stretch is used in the Cujo 25 and 12 inches of less tight stretch in the Cujo 40 to reduce the impact of a pulling dog. The resistance created also encourages the dog to come back to you, as the stretch is working to return to its resting state.


Comfort and Control

ezydog-cujo-handle The Pyramid Pull System Handle may look familiar. It’s basically a cut down version of a water ski handle. The pyramid design eliminates all pinching that occurs with a traditional loop-handled dog leash. Not only do you have more control, but the leash handle is comfortable on your hand. The soft molded EVA handle provides a cushy grip that feels good.



A reflective strand is weaved through the entire dog leash for nighttime safety. The leash itself is made of polypropylene nylon — which is extremely strong.



ezydog-cujo-expandable-dog-leash-chart The EzyDog Shock Absorbing Dog Leash is available in 25 inches and 40 inches. The 25 inch version is best for dogs over 40 lbs that pull hard, and the 40 inch version is better for dogs under 40 lbs or that do not pull very hard. You can add s standard extension to add length to the dog leash. Or add 2 standard extensions for double-dog walking. The innovative design eliminates tangling.