Five Star Pet Dispenser and Pet Clean Up Bags, Blue

  • Lightweight durable nylon paw print design dog poop bag holder
  • Velcro loop fastener holds it firmly in place
  • No hard edges or parts that could break
  • Includes (1) blue dispenser and (2) 12-bag rolls (24 bags total) in blue

See why we like this dog poop bag holder so much.


Nylon paw print design dog poop bag dispenser.

Velcro loop fastener keeps the dispenser firmly attached to a retractable leash, your belt loop, your dog’s harness, etc.

Separate velcro fastener makes it easy to open and close the “lid” of the dispenser when you’re adding a new roll of bags.

There’s a tiny cut-out area to put the dog poop bags through, so you don’t have to open & close the dispenser just to grab a bag.

Any dog waste refill bags will fit inside this dispenser (also works with bags that aren’t wrapped around a cylindrical spinner). Plus there’s room to hold a few other small items inside.

Dimensions: 3 inches long x 2 inches wide x 4 inches high.