KONG Classic Stuffable Dog Toy – Fetch & Chew Toy for Dogs – Treat-Filling Capabilities & Erratic Bounce for Extended Play Time – Durable Natural Rubber Material – for Large Dogs


  • Perfect for stuffing with KONG treats
  • Unpredictable bounce for fun games of fetch
  • Recommended worldwide by veterinarians, dog trainers, and dog enthusiasts
  • Includes (1) Large red KONG toy
  • Available in 2 colors (red and black) and 6 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL)
  • Made in the USA

Check out our list of dog recipes that work great in KONG toys.

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It’s not just a dog toy; it’s a KONG Classic dog toy!

The KONG Classic has been the gold standard of dog toys for over 36 years.

The super-bouncy, red natural rubber compound is unequaled for dogs who like to chew. Stuffing healthy treats into a KONG keeps your dog happily working and out of trouble for long periods of time.


5 Reasons A KONG Classic Dog Toy Is Great For Dogs

#1 – Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety typically occurs in the first 20 minutes after you leave your dog alone. A simple solution is to help your dog develop a positive association between being left alone and good things — like a treat-stuffed KONG toy. Stuffing a KONG dog toy with a mix of wet and dry ingredients creates a challenge that typically lasts 20 minutes. This way, you’re engaging your dog during the time when anxiety is at its peak. A KONG can even be frozen so that getting all the food out takes even more time — for the ultimate challenge and distraction for your dog.

#2 – Dog Chewing

For adult dogs, chewing is nature’s way of keeping the jaws strong and the teeth clean. Chewing also combats boredom and can help to relieve anxiety or frustration. Without an acceptable outlet for the natural instinct to chew, many dogs turn to destructive chewing in the home. Success comes when you teach your dog acceptable chewing behaviors from the start. KONG toys come in a variety of formulas — from puppy to adult to senior — so they grow with your dog. With all dog toys, be sure to supervise your dog’s play until you’re confident they won’t destroy the toy. Always replace dog toys that have cuts, tears, or rips.

#3- Barking and Digging

Dogs bark to communicate. They dig when they’re bored or afraid. Creating good behaviors starts with productive play, which allows your dog to expend excess energy. Every time you throw a KONG toy, the unpredictable bounce ensures that no 2 games are ever the same — so your dog is engaged and excited for more KONG time. A stuffed KONG is also helpful for a dog left outside to play. Directing the dog’s energy toward something positive — like working for the food inside the toy — diminishes bad behaviors and boredom.

#4 – Crate Training

Crate training is an effective way to potty train a puppy or new dog. It’s also a good way to get your dog comfortable with his new home environment. In this critical time, you can help relax your dog with a treat-stuffed KONG. This creates a positive association for your dog and the crate. Start your dog’s crate training by stuffing a KONG toy with a favorite treat. Let the dog see and smell the stuffed toy, then place the KONG in the back of the crate — leaving the door open. As your dog chews on the KONG inside the crate, they begin to feel more comfortable and they’ll begin to create a positive association with the crate. Repeat this process until your dog is happy to settle in the crate on their own.

#5 – Dogs Need to Play

For dogs, physical & mental development, emotions, and behavior are all influenced by healthy play. Play helps your dog expend excess energy — which is important for appropriate good dog behavior. KONG dog toys encourage play, satisfying your dog’s instinctual needs, as well as strengthening the bond between you and your dog.