Prestige Pets Road Refresher™️ – Cat and Dog Water Bowl Dispenser – No Spill Water Bowl for Dogs and Cats – Travel Cat Bowl or Dog Bowl – Grey – Large


  • Unique design eliminates spills and keeps floors dry
  • Perfect for travel or home use
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Bowl dimensions: 9.5″ wide and 4″ high
  • Made from heat-resistant polypropylene; dishwasher safe

See how we use this no spill water bowl in our vehicle for car rides with the dog.

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A one-of-a-kind no spill dog bowl that’s perfect as an indoor water bowl or a travel water bowl.

It won’t tip over if your dog bumps it, or if you’re going over bumps & through sharp turns in the car.

Water won’t splash out as your dog is drinking, or as the car is in motion.

Holds 54 fluid ounces — that’s a lot of water!


How it works:

The Road Refresher no spill dog bowl has a floating plate inside which feeds enough water for your dog to drink, but restricts the flow whenever there’s a sudden surge of water — from cornering, braking, kicking, etc.

The bowl also has a velcro base to keep it firmly attached to a rug or carpet. (Even stays put when attached to interior vehicle carpeting.)

Can also be permanently attached to plastic, wood, or metal surfaces with the included velcro tabs.