101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog (Volume 1) (Dog Tricks and Training, 1)

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  • A book by Kyra Sundance, world-acclaimed stunt dog show performer and celebrity dog trainer
  • Features step-by-step instructions for teaching dog tricks, with easy to follow color photos of each step
  • Every dog trick includes a difficulty rating and a list of prerequisites to help you get started quickly
  • Tips and troubleshooting boxes cover common problems that may be encountered when teaching each dog trick
  • Includes suggestions for more complicated dog tricks,building on each new skill that your dog learns along the way

For a complete list of the 101 dog tricks that are featured and our own tips for teaching your dog these tricks, see our article: 101 Dog Tricks.

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International bestseller with over a half-million copies in print in 18 languages.

Dog tricks range from simple ones like Sit, Shake Hands, Fetch, and Roll Over to extraordinary ones like Tidy Up Your Toys In The Toybox, and Get A Soda From The Fridge.

Millions of people have found success with these step-by-step techniques, and you can too.

Dog trick training will help you bond with your pet and integrate your four-legged friend into your family.

Tricks keep your dog mentally and physically challenged and help to establish a good line of communication between the two of you.

Many of these dog tricks build skills that are used in dog sports, dog dancing, and dog therapy work.

101 Dog Tricks will inspire you to do more with your dog!