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Cujo Leash: One Of The Best Shock Absorbing Leashes For Dogs That Pull

I was recently given a Cujo leash to review with my 95 lb dog, Tenor.

The Cujo leash by Ezy Dog is different from most dog leashes because it has a springy, shock-absorbing section that ‘gives’ a little bit (like a stiff bungee cord) when your dog pulls or tries to walk faster than you.

This type of shock absorption in a leash is great for reminding your dog that he’s supposed to be walking right by your side, heeling rather than pulling. It also has the bonus of not hurting your dog whenever he tugs. It gives just enough resistance to remind your dog that he’s on a short leash.


Here’s a little about the dog leashes that I’m currently using, followed by my point-by-point review of the Cujo no pull dog leash.


My 2 Favorite Leashes For Dogs

I currently have 2 leashes that I use with my dog at different times:

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Best Cars For Dog Owners + What To Look For In A Dog-Friendly Vehicle

jeep-wrangler-dog-carIf you have a dog and you’re thinking about getting a new car, then you probably want it to be a dog-friendly vehicle, in the leasing market you can find all of option but firt can be important that you check 10 Things You Learned in Kindergarden That’ll Help You With Transit Custom Lease.

The first time my husband and I went car shopping together (several years ago), we kept our dog in the back of our mind while studying the features of various cars and SUVs. We ultimately decided on a gaming  Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

And recently, we traded in our second vehicle — a compact sedan — for another Jeep. This one is a newer Grand Cherokee, and it happens to be dog-friendly as well.

I can give you a bunch of reasons that Jeeps (especially Jeep Wranglers) are great dog cars, but there are plenty of other dog-friendly vehicles too, if you want to know more visit so if you are looking to buy a new car,  you should think about finding a loan that funds a car and your pet, with complete auto loans you can get the best advise, on how and what to do with your loan services and even  get it fixed quickly and stress free. Dogs aren’t necessarily picky, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be, so choosing the right car or even online gaming making your existing vehicle more dog friendly can make your next car trip a lot easier and safer.


Here are the best cars for dog owners, plus some things you should look for in a dog-friendly vehicle…

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