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Cujo Leash: One Of The Best Shock Absorbing Leashes For Dogs That Pull

I was recently given a Cujo leash to review with my 95 lb dog, Tenor.

The Cujo leash by Ezy Dog is different from most dog leashes because it has a springy, shock-absorbing section that ‘gives’ a little bit (like a stiff bungee cord) when your dog pulls or tries to walk faster than you.

This type of shock absorption in a leash is great for reminding your dog that he’s supposed to be walking right by your side, heeling rather than pulling. It also has the bonus of not hurting your dog whenever he tugs. It gives just enough resistance to remind your dog that he’s on a short leash.


Here’s a little about the dog leashes that I’m currently using, followed by my point-by-point review of the Cujo no pull dog leash.


My 2 Favorite Leashes For Dogs

I currently have 2 leashes that I use with my dog at different times: