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Dog Thanksgiving Tips: Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

We all look forward to spending Thanksgiving dinner with our families — which often includes our dogs.


After all, they are part of the family and love to be the center of attention.

However, feeding your dog table scraps can be dangerous — even fatal — to your dog.

Here’s how to keep your dog safe this Thanksgiving…

Can Dogs Have Turkey?

dog-eyeing-thanksgiving-ham-by-gerald5.jpgIn case you’re wondering, yes you can give your dog some turkey and even a little gravy.

When placing the meat in your dog’s bowl, be sure to remove all pieces of bone.

Just like chicken bones, turkey bones splinter and can cause blockage or perforation of the intestine.

A veterinarian weighs in: Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?

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Cat Beds and Kitchen Dog Food Storage Ideas: See How This Organized Pet Mom Stores All The Dog Treats & Dog Food

Why Cat Beds are so important?

Your cat will sleep absolutely any place they wish. They look for places which are soft and warm, comfortable and in a safe place. And a safe place can be on a high surface like your bed or a dresser, or on the floor nestled in a pile of clothes.

But those places get moved according to your whim, and they are washed or cleaned frequently. Most cats like a cat bed because they can arrange it to their liking and also that their fur clings to the fibers of a cat bed and their scent both of which are soothing to your cat – much like snuggling into their mother’s tummy to nurse and sleep, find the best variety at

One of the items on that list is:

A convenient way to prepare the dog’s Kong treats on a daily basis. Sounds frivolous, I know. But when it’s a task that you do almost daily, it’s important to you. I’m thinking along the lines of a slide-out cutting board built-into the kitchen cabinetry at counter height, and a nearby kitchen cabinet devoted to all of the dog’s treats (that I buy in bulk when they’re on sale), 16+ Kongs that get stuffed with dog treats, tall peanut butter jars, etc. Yep, I like having a dedicated dog food station area… in the kitchen!


Despite the fact that I think this piece of kitchen dog furniture looks pretty awesome and this kitchen dog food station looks great too, my dog doesn’t eat or drink in the kitchen. I keep his treats there, but not his food. (His dog food is kept in large plastic food bins in the hall closet near his food bowls in the master bedroom. More on that in a minute.)

So, why do I want to store the dog treats in the kitchen?

For these reasons:

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Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets Treat Review: Dental Bones For Dogs

mercola-healthy-pets-dog-bonesI’ve heard good things about Mercola healthy pet products, but haven’t tried them… til now.

In fact, ever since my dog started taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin after tearing his ACL, I’ve considered trying the Mercola supplements instead of buying them from Costco.

When the folks at Mercola Healthy Pets asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their dog dental bones, I was excited to try them (or rather, let my dog try them) because I truly respect the veterinarians behind Mercola pet products.

I was eager to see if their products are the high quality that I would expect them to be.



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