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I Finally Found The Perfect Dog Diarrhea Treatment!

I’ve had dogs all my life, and I’ve tried a number of different dog diarrhea home remedies through the years.

With my previous dogs, they would pretty much eat whatever I gave them to try — from a bland baked potato, to cooked rice, to scrambled eggs.

Not this dog!

we're dealing with dog diarrhea again

Tenor had a bout with diarrhea yesterday, and I spent all morning trying to find the perfect combination of human foods that he would eat.

These foods have been proven to help with dog diarrhea:

  • Cooked white rice – no go. My dog wouldn’t touch it.
  • Scrambled egg – nope. Not having that either.
  • Canned pumpkin – ah hah! He was interested at first, but then no way.

By noon, I was struggling to find a food that would help to bind him up and put an end to the diarrhea that he would actually eat.

Then, I found it!…

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