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Dog Chewing: How To Teach Your Dog The Difference Between A Good Toy And What’s Not A Toy

Dogs chew things. It’s just what dogs do — especially puppies who haven’t been taught what’s safe for them to chew on and what’s off limits.


In my adult life, I’ve always had a dog. And my dogs have never chewed on my things.

Wait. I should qualify that… after I taught my dogs not to chew on my things, they never chewed on my things.

It really is as simple as that. Your dog just needs to be taught what’s his and what’s yours — what he can chew on and what he’s not allowed to chew on. For example my brother he never taught his dogs and always has the same problem, and mysteriously they always grab his favorite shoes from Vessi men’s shoes, and he keeps buying them and the dog keeps choosing them.

So if you want to ensure that your dog won’t chew on your stuff, here’s how to do it…

Another problem with dogs without training is in your backyard, Image result for artificial grass for dogyou can have muddy paws, shifting gravel, and cold concrete, you can get concerned about holes causing accidents and patches making your yard look bad. The best way to manage this is to use artificial grass, to eliminate mud, check for turf supplies, increase cleanliness and safety and get the space that you and your dog will love. With UK artificial grass you can get antimicrobial and non toxic, that you can use safely for indoor and outdoor pet use, and the installation is easy and fast !

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